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Personalized Self-Guided Tours

Once I've researched your family roots and based on the the discoveries, I create a customized self-guided tour.
Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors!.

French to English Translation

If some of your ancestors' records are in French I can translate them into English.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records

Called Vital Statistics and document life events that are key elements of genealogy and family history research. These records are considered to be prime evidence of someone's existence and they contain valuable information such as dates, sex, age, occupations, kinship, residence etc.

Newspaper & Cemetery Research

Newspaper archives can often help uncover a treasure trove of information well beyond obituaries and passenger lists. I have access to extensive newspaper databases.

Notarial Documents

Notarial records can counteract the loss or destruction of civil status registers. In some cases, notarial records are the only documents that can confirm the kinship of an individual. Personal information regarding the individuals mentioned in the notarial document usually (but not always) provide knowledge of their: age, marital status and profession ; residence; the existing relationship between individuals (e.g. spouse, father, sister, brother etc). Each notarial deed contains at least one of the following : the name, title and jurisdiction of the notary; the date and place where the copies were written up; the names and places of residence of the witnesses.

Military Records

Military records can often provide information on the veteran and the family members. The information contained in the record can also provide other clues such as land grants, service and pensions.

Census Search

A census is a count and description of individual households making up the population of a country, county/state/province for a given year. They usually occur every 10 years and are useful tools to determine family relationships, ages, gender, occupations and location.

Land Grants

A person who obtains title to a land from the government receives a land grant. The government generally retained the record of the grant or patent issued in the case file and the individual kept his/her copy.


Virtual Individual & Group Workshops

By using Zoom

Quebec genealogy workshop

Group Workshops – $10. Duration – one hour

Individual Workshops – $25. Duration – one hour

Workshop topics are varied and include such things as: Genealogy Basics, Researching Protestant & Catholic Parishes in Quebec, Creating a Family Tree on Ancestry and Quebec Databases, etc.


David – United States

I attended Kelley’s session on French-Canadian church records and was quite impressed in two ways (beyond the outstanding presentation itself): the handouts, which included some excellent guides to reading and interpreting records, and her patience with a line of people asking questions after class.

I had the names of a father and mother (who apparently never married) but could find no consistent record of exactly who they were. I had some information from Drouin and local genealogical societies which were inconsistent and later proved incorrect. I had engaged professionals from the U.S. with no significant success. Kelley took up the challenge!

With persistence, creativity, and continual communication Kelley managed to identify and build evidence for the father and then the mother. Once we were satisfied we had the right people, she proceeded to build out and document their family trees, including brothers and sisters, on

I was extremely satisfied with Kelley’s work and look forward to her help in the future. To my mind, she has set a standard for other researchers!

Examples of English and French Quebec Records

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Group Workshop – $10. Duration – one hour

Workshop topics TBA and will include: Genealogy Basics, Researching Protestant & Catholic Parishes in Quebec, Creating a Family Tree on Ancestry, Quebec Databases

One-to-one Zoom Sessions – $25. Per hour

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  • Translations
  • Births, Marriages or Deaths lookup
  • Newspaper & Cemetery Search
  • Notarial Record Lookup
  • Military Record Search
  • Census Record Search
  • Land Grant Search
  • Presentations – Cost depending on speaker

Genealogy Research can be booked in time blocks of time on a per hourly basis.


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