Quebec genealogy workshop

Quebec Genealogy Workshop For Beginners – March 26th

March 26th 2021 at 2:00pm EST

Quebec Genealogy Workshop for beginners – March 26th – Free! This workshop covers the basics of finding your Quebec ancestors using vital records;- church records, cemetery records and newspapers.

Where Do I Start?

Researching your family history does not have to be overwhelming.  It is a great deal of fun! All you need is a plan, a genealogy toolbox, and the knowledge to use those tools. The Research Quebec Records workshop with is here to help you. In addition to following a plan, there is a research process, which includes knowing about the different types of records that have the information you seek. The primary focus for this beginners course is discovering material that is accessible online. A beginners genealogy course can open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Even the well-seasoned family historians must sometimes go back to the beginning when in need of some inspiration and a new perspective.

The basic outline for a successful research is identifying what you know about who you are researching, decide what you want to learn, this will determine what direction and records you wish to search and how to evaluate and use the information. And most importantly – source your information!

How To Research Quebec Records

The beginners course is designed to introduce people to the numerous research tools that are available online. We’ll be starting with the free ones. Using the tools available to you, you’ll learn to navigate the various vital records and find the puzzle pieces that are your family’s history. Once you have collected the pieces you’ll learn to put them together to create your family tree. Imagine finding the missing puzzle pieces in the records to solve a family mystery!

This class will teach you various ways to search the historical records collections in order to improve your search results. You will learn how to search by name, relationships, apply filters, and understand the value of cemetery and newspaper records. You will be shown many helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Once you will acquire the resources and genealogy tools, you can confidently and efficiently research your ancestors so that you can connect with your own personal identity within your family.

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