Who Am I?

I am a genealogy researcher with a passion for history. I have many years of successful genealogy searches in Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  My focus is all about helping you discover your ancestry, building a family history and discovering your heritage using a wide variety of historical records and databases at my disposal.

My experience in researching covers many areas. Not only do I enjoy assisting people with their individual research, but I also work with profit and not-for-profit organizations alike. I had an exciting time working on an episode of the Canadian version of “Who Do You Think You Are.” I have also successfully completed heir searches for private and public organizations. Some more interesting work that I am passionate about is researching for authors requiring biographical details of their book subjects. I have appeared recently in a documentary on Anticosti Island. Over the years, I have presented at a few conferences and most recently Roots 2018 – the International Conferences on Family History held at McGill University in Montreal and monitored the 2021 virtual Conference for the Quebec Family History Society. It is extremely hard not to have fun in genealogy!

Volunteering my time to community programs aimed at protecting and promoting history and heritage is something I cherish. Whether it is researching for a project for the McCord museum, a documentary or fundraising for family history societies, it is a contribution I consider invaluable for future generations. As a member of the St. Columban Irish, I was part of a team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to restore an Irish cemetery containing many broken headstones some dating back to 1826. It is one experience I will never forget, and the results of our efforts is our legacy as Irish descendants.

Virtual Individual & Group Workshops

I use Zoom for one-to-one and group meetings. Invite your family members and/or connect with long lost cousins! Contact me to set up a virtual meeting.


Gwen - Ontario

Kelley is an amazing person with a genealogical gift. She can find information that otherwise would remain unknown/buried. Kelley is very easy to work with. She listens to her clients needs and focuses accordingly. I am thrilled to have her help me discover my family’s history.

Philip - England

I have been researching my family’s history since 2001 but only recently discovered that one of my father’s younger brothers had been sent to Quebec in Canada as a 14 year old child emigrant in 1924. Kelley took on my case and discovered my uncle had left Quebec and moved to Montreal, where he had married before moving on to Vancouver where he died in 1993. I doubt if I would have been able to find this out for myself without the expert assistance of Kelley.

David – United States

I attended Kelley’s session on French-Canadian church records and was quite impressed in two ways (beyond the outstanding presentation itself): the handouts, which included some excellent guides to reading and interpreting records, and her patience with a line of people asking questions after class.

I had the names of a father and mother (who apparently never married) but could find no consistent record of exactly who they were. I had some information from Drouin and local genealogical societies which were inconsistent and later proved incorrect. I had engaged professionals from the U.S. with no significant success. Kelley took up the challenge!

With persistence, creativity, and continual communication Kelley managed to identify and build evidence for the father and then the mother. Once we were satisfied we had the right people, she proceeded to build out and document their family trees, including brothers and sisters, on Ancestry.com.

I was extremely satisfied with Kelley’s work and look forward to her help in the future. To my mind, she has set a standard for other researchers!

Bruce – Australia, Canada, England, United States and Wales

I have been trying to find the identity of my biological father for more than 40 years, without much luck. I thought I would pass on without knowing who my father was and perhaps my two sons would find out after my death. Well, it looks like I will know the answer this year when the DNA tests come out. I cannot thank Kelley enough for the tremendous help and advice. I absolutely could not do what she has done on my own.