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Kelley O'Rourke

I am a genealogy researcher with many years of experience and successful results. I have access to millions of historical records for Quebec, Canada, the United States and other parts of the world.

 – Kelley




Gwen - Ontario

Kelley is an amazing person with a genealogical gift. She can find information that otherwise would remain unknown/buried. Kelley is very easy to work with. She listens to her clients needs and focuses accordingly. I am thrilled to have her help me discover my family’s history.

Philip - England

Kelley took on my case and discovered my uncle had left Quebec and moved to Montreal, where he had married before moving on to Vancouver where he died in 1993. I doubt if I would have been able to find this out for myself without the expert assistance of Kelley.

David – United States

I attended Kelley’s session on French-Canadian church records and was quite impressed in two ways (beyond the outstanding presentation itself): the handouts, which included some excellent guides to reading and interpreting records, and her patience with a line of people asking questions after class.

I was extremely satisfied with Kelley’s work and look forward to her help in the future. To my mind, she has set a standard for other researchers!

Bruce – Australia, Canada, England, United States and Wales

I have been trying to find the identity of my biological father for more than 40 years, without much luck. I thought I would pass on without knowing who my father was and perhaps my two sons would find out after my death. Well, it looks like I will know the answer this year when the DNA tests come out. I cannot thank Kelley enough for the tremendous help and advice. I absolutely could not do what she has done on my own.

Please include;- Name(s) of person(s) of interest, What information are you looking for, Last known place he/she lived, What is his/her estimated year of Birth, Death or Marriage Any additional information you may have is helpful. Number of hours of research - minimum 3 hours.
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